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Who is...PreOrdained...

Rene Herrera

Age: 32 Place of Origin: Texas

Rene and his wife Monica, are the founders of PreOrdained Ministries and has been moving in his calling since his teens. He carries a strong prophetic mantle and is used mightily wherever he goes. Though a praiser at heart, Rene could care less about music - his only mandate is being about his Father’s business...

Rene has been a believer all of his life. Even through the separation of his parents growing up, he knew that God had a plan for him. But the death of his grandmother at 16 made him question the reality of those plans. Hurt with God, he turned away from him and tried to out run his calling. Angry and bitter he raged against the voice of the Holy Spirit until the day his mother told him the harsh truth - you can’t out- run God. As she fell to her knees to give him to Jesus, Rene ran. 40 miles away from his home, in the middle of the Texas desert, he rededi- cated his life to God. Living by faith since he was 18, Rene has since learned how to put God to his word and trust that he is faithful to watch over it to perform it. Now, a wife and two children later - Rene is blessed with the fruit of his ministry and his dedication to the truth of the saving love of Jesus Christ.

Monica Herrera

Age: 33 Place of Origin: New Mexico

Monica and her husband Rene, are the founders of PreOrdained Ministries and has been faithful in the work of the Lord for more than 10 years. She is a worshipper through and through and her heart is evident in her teachings and her music - an anointed singer/songwriter, Monica will tell you that she’s only lip-singing...

Given away to relatives at the age of 6 months, Monica is the only one of her immediate family to come to Christ. Growing up isolated with only the companionship of aging grandparents, she felt the pain of re- jection with the fear of being alone at a young age. Though she sur- rounded herself with people, she could never really allow herself to form good relationships. Armed with a false independence she searched different avenues to find fulfillment for the void in her life. As a confirmed Catholic, she had knowledge of who God was but lacked the foundations of a relationship with Jesus, which over the years led to drunkenness, promiscuity and eventually witchcraft. For- tunately, when she met her husband - he ministered the saving love of Jesus to her and was saved. They married four months later and now have two beautiful children and have been serving the Lord full force ever since.

Shantay “Shant’hei” Patterson

Age: 34 Place of Origin: California

Shant’hei has been a disciple and laborer with PreOrdained Ministries for almost 4 years. His dedication and passion for the lost, along with amazing vocal talent and freestyle skills have made him an invaluable asset to the Kingdom. Of course, he will tell you that it is all for the glory of God...

Growing up as the oldest in a family of five, Shant’hei struggled with his identity. Set apart from his family, he found himself isolated throughout most of his young life even into early adulthood. At 23, he accepted Jesus into his heart in a small church in Turlock, California and though God was beginning a work in his life, circum- stance hardened his heart to the things of God and he turned away for a time. Still isolated, but never losing communication with the Father, Shant’hei began searching for truth - amongst family, with friends, in theology, but eventually ended up in Portales, New Mexico playing football for Eastern New Mexico University and being led by the Holy Spirit. After his first few weeks in the desert, Shant’hei became part of the PreOrdained family and was fully ranked into the Kingdom where he found truth in Jesus, accepting his position as a son and heir and having authority in walking out his salvation.